• Stephanie English





    18th degree,

    Sr. Professor of Ikebana,

    1st grade



    My available options:

    • Virtual and in-person classes

    • Travel to demonstrate

    • Give workshops

    • Train others on how-to teach virtually

    • Meet & Greet: Email me and let's set a time to chat.

    • Attend any in-person or Zoom lesson once for free as an observer!


    I am so glad I found Ikenobo and Ikebana. I absolutely love teaching, but more importantly, I delight in seeing students progress and even become teachers themselves! I have been active in Ikenobo since 1993, teaching since 2000 and virtual teaching since June 2020.

    As president of the Naples Ikenobo chapter since 2009, I continue to be their primary teacher. I am also a sensei and Sr. Advisor to the Blue Ridge Ikenobo Chapter in my summer home location of Hendersonville, NC.

    My Ikebana International life started in 2000 when I joined I.I. Naples Chapter #160 and I have served that chapter in many capacities from Membership Chair, Treasurer, President and Communications Chair.

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    Naples Ikenobo Chapter

    Naples Ikenobo Chapter




    Ikebana International

    Ikebana International Naples Chapter #160

    (November to April)




    Ikebana International

    North and Central American Region (NCAR)


    Stephanie is an NCAR Advocate- Communications Chair,

    Sensei Network Committee Chair, Florida Chapter Advocate.

    Ikenobo School of Ikebana

    Ikenobo School of Ikebana

    Japan Headquarters





    "Friendship through Flowers"

    Associate Member of these

    Ikebana International Chapters:

    • Asheville #74

    • Miami #131

    • Melbourne #216

    • Orlando #132

    • Sarasota #115

    • St. Petersburg #65